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  1. The toothless-whale group-- which includes humpback whales, blue whales and many other species -- possess a unique feeding adaptation called a baleen. The baleen is a wide plate in the whale's mouth, made up of hundreds of long, fringed blades, composed of keratin-- the same material in our fingernails.
  2. Blue whale, a species of baleen whale, a cetacean, that is the most massive animal ever to have lived. Weighing approximately tons, it may attain a length of more than 30 meters (98 feet). Blue whales are predominantly blue-gray animals whose lower surfaces are lighter gray or white.
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  4. The blue whale, the largest animal ever known to have existed, was almost exterminated in the 20th century due to commercial whaling. The United States and other International Whaling Commission (IWC) member countries have tried for years to persuade Iceland, Japan, and Norway to end their whaling as it undermines the effectiveness of the.
  5. Whale definition is - any of various very large, aquatic, marine mammals (order Cetacea) that have a torpedo-shaped body with a thick layer of blubber, paddle-shaped forelimbs but no hind limbs, a horizontally flattened tail, and nostrils that open externally at the top of the head; also: cetacean. How to use whale in a sentence.
  6. Drones for Whale Research. This is a time of unprecedented innovation. Drones are democratizing science and profoundly changing whale research. They are empowering scientists, explorers and educators, and their full potential has not yet been realized.
  7. The family includes the humpback whale, the sei whale, the minke whale, the Bryde's whale, the fin whale (or common rorqual), and the blue whale blue whale, a baleen whale, Balaenoptera musculus. Also called the sulphur-bottom whale and Sibbald's rorqual, it .
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